Vision dan Mission


Become a partner of a company that can be trusted


Digital Solution Provider

IntelliSys aims to become an active & reliable partner to Customers & Business Partners alike, by providing Service-Oriented Business Solutions through Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Products & Services.

PT Intellisys

PT Intellisys was founded in June 1995, engaged in providing training services, consulting and developing software solutions. At first it was named PT Intellisys Tripratama and was founded by Lenny Tano Trika as the Main Director. Intellisys has a mission to become the main partner in the field of information technology for partner companies, to realize business advantages by increasing company effective.

Product and Services Intellisys

Some of Intellisys' products include core systems for life insurance company operations, accounting systems for construction companies, daily job recap systems for plantation companies, point of sales systems for the retail industry. Apart from products, Intellisys also provides services to create tailor-made systems which are often referred to as custom development solutions. Intellisys also provides information technology training services with various types of courses.

Business Unit

Initially, Intellisys only consisted of one business unit, namely the training business unit. Then due to the large number of requests for software development and information technology consulting, in early 2002, PT. Intellisys opened a new business unit engaged in software development and information technology services.

Resolution Intellisys

At the end of 2020 and early 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic coming, PT. Intellisys Tripratama changed its name to PT. Intellisys Sumber Anugerah. Even with time, products and services are still engaged in service providers specifically for IT, Training Solutions and Security Solutions products (QR Patrol).